Dog Anxiety Treatment

If your dog is suffering for anxiety, as a caring dog owner, you will want to help them. Once you have realized that your dog is suffering and is not just behaving badly, you can make a number of easy to implement changes that will reduce or even cure their anxiety symptoms.

Your dog doesn’t know how to help her/himself and anxiety in dogs only escalates if not treated. A scared and anxious dog is sad, destructive and in some cases can be dangerous. There are many good treatments available.

It all depends on what you are prepared to do to help your dog, keeping in mind what is best for your dog.

Here are the three most commonly used types of treatment for dog anxiety symptoms.

  1. Dog training including desensitization techniques.
  2. Physical tools like specially designed dog coats.
  3. Dog sedatives and calming drugs.

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Dog Training.

Dog training is the best way to go. It offers a long term solution to an immediate problem. Because so many visitors to this site have requested it, I have developed and written a book that can answer all your dog anxiety problems using just one book.

The book is called Stop Dog Anxiety.  It is a comprehensive program which addresses dog anxiety issues and gives you everything you need to quickly identify and manage your dogs anxiety.

For a very limited time I am also including some very special bonus which focus on training your dog in 10 minutes a day or less.

You can manage all dog behavior problems with this program. All of your dogs anxious behaviors will be a thing of the past.

Physical Tools.

Dog anxiety tools such as specifically designed dog coats like the Thundershirt, are proven to help with specific anxiety needs like thunderstorms and fireworks. The best part about this type of dog anxiety treatment is:

  • It’s totally drug free – medicating your dog should always be a last resort.
  • It’s inexpensive – The cost for this anti anxiety coat is about $36.00 for any size dog. You will only ever need to buy it once for each dog.
  • It’s easy to use. It has Velcro straps which make it really easy to use. All you need to do is to adjust it to your dog’s body.
  • It works well. Most dog owners report a noticeable difference the very first use and others dogs may need to wear it a few times to really make a big difference to their behavior.
  • It has a  money back guarantee. Limited to 45 days, but certainly enough time to test it. If it doesn’t work for your dog, you can simply return it  for a refund!

I have discovered the benefits of this amazing product by using it on my own dogs and can recommend it wholeheartedly.  It is really easy to use and the benefits outweigh the cost by far. It is rare these days to find a product that offers a  money back guarantee, so it’s worth the small investment to just try it out.

The Thundershirt does no harm to your dog and makes your dog feel secure – kind of like an all over body hug for your dog. It is a gentle and loving way to help your dog feel more confident and secure.

Using Dog Medications.

The use of medications to treat your dogs anxiety should be only be considered as a last resort. Drugging your dog can have serious side affects including altering heart rate and normal respiratory function (change normal heart and breathing rate). Sedative drugs for dogs should only ever be implemented under professional monitoring and advice from your veterinarian.

If your dog suffers from extreme anxiety during thunderstorms or in rare stressful situations and nothing else has worked then it is time to visit your veterinarian and ask about sedatives as an option.

Your veterinarian should test your dog when treated with sedatives and monitor your dogs reaction to calming drugs in the clinic before taking your dog home. Some dogs can have unexpected reactions and allergic responses to certain sedatives, so it is wise to be very careful and be well informed of possible consequences when considering this option.

Again, this is only considered to be a last resort if your dog experiences extreme aggressive or uncontrollable behavior in certain stressful circumstances. The use of sedatives should only be used as a temporary control tool until other more invasive methods can be found.

Learn more about dog medications for treating anxiety at our article titled Dog Anxiety Medications.

Before deciding on an effective treatment option that will help your dog you first need to determine not only if your dog has anxiety issues and to what level of severity your dog’s anxiety is. To find out if your dog is suffering from anxiety visit our FREE GIFT page to download your free copy of the Dog Anxiety Checklist. It is a simple assessment tool, similar to what veterinarians use, which you can complete in only a few minutes.

Thank you for visiting our page titled Dog Anxiety Treatment.

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  1. There is much more to owning a dog than just taking one home and playing with him. The thundershirt sounds like a great idea.
    Carolyn recently posted..Cardboard Heart DecorationMy Profile

    • Thanks for your feedback Carolyn.

      I agree, there is much more to dog ownership than just playing with a cute bundle of fluff.

      Especially if your dog is suffering from anxiety then dog anxiety treatment options must be looked at before the problem gets out of hand.

  2. Fantastic site. Having a maltese, that has a tendancy to be nervous and scared of loud noises, there is some great information on here.
    I find this site easy to navigate, appealing and covers significant questions for dog owners.
    Thank you.
    Bronwyn recently posted..Women Over 50 – Inner BeautyMy Profile

    • Thanks Bronwyn,

      Your Maltese’s issues with loud sounds quite breed typical, they can tend to be a bit nervous in unfamiliar situations. They do require some extra reassurance, especially if they are the only dog in the home.

      I’m glad you have enjoyed visiting my site!

  3. Great advice about providing relief to any dog that is suffering from Anxiety. I agree – leaving a dog that is having anxiety issues and not seeking treatment is not fair on the dog. Not only is it dangerous, but its cruel. Love your hints and tips on what to do to ease a pet dog.

    Lisa Wood recently posted..The Bundaberg BarrelMy Profile

  4. Anything that can get your dog through its bouts of anxiety is worthwhile. Given the amount of comfort they give us when we need it, it’s only fitting we should look for ways we might do something for them in return.
    A very professional-looking blog.

    Gary Birch recently posted..Qualities to Look for in a Second Language MentorMy Profile

  5. Some great advice here on dog anxiety. The Thundershirt sounds amazing … and I totally agree about using sedatives only as a last resort.
    Jan Littlehales recently posted..Children Sharing – Raising Great KidsMy Profile

    • Thanks Jan,

      The thundershirt is really an amazing dog coat – it makes a huge difference for the dog and the dog owners.

  6. As our lives seem to get busier, it’s our poor pets that suffer. Seeking solace in dog anxiety treatments is such as sensible idea. I had never heard of the thundercoat before. But your description of it as a ‘all over body hug’ helped explain it it one sentence. Great to hear you’ve tried it on your dog and have seen the difference.
    David Moloney recently posted..Understanding Perception and RealityMy Profile

  7. Great post Bev,
    I had never heard of the Thunder shirt and adore the thought of it. Most of our dogs were pretty cool with thunder, but our Border Collie cross had to be picked up and cuddled when one of our frequent sub-tropical thunderstorms arrived here in the Hinterland.

    We gave up having more dogs 3- 4 years back after a terrible run of fatal and near fatal [ translation VERY EXPENSIVE ] encounters with ticks. Our area is notorious for them and there are lots of losses locally and some very rich vets
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Grand Pianos – Nuts and Bolts Part FourMy Profile