Dog Anxiety Coat

What is a Dog Anxiety Coat?  How do anti anxiety dog coats actually work? Answers to these dog anxiety coat questions may vary slightly depending on the type of coat you buy and the claims made by the manufacturers. There are a number of brands available online and their main purpose is to help with your dogs anxiety issues.

What is a Dog Anti Anxiety Coat?

A dog anxiety coat is a wrap around coat designed for dogs. They are generally made from durable fabrics which are hard wearing and are kept on your dog by ties, buckles or Velcro.

Velcro fastening is considered to be the best option for most dogs, however if your dog is very clever and is likely to try and remove the coat, then ties or buckle fastening may be more appropriate for your dog.

The biggest seller and the most popular anti anxiety dog coat is the ThunderShirt.

How do Anti Anxiety Coats Work?

Anti anxiety dog coats manage specific anxiety responses in dogs and are most useful when your dog panics or becomes distressed when unusual noises or situations occur. They place gentle and consistent pressure across the upper part of your dogs body calming the central nervous system.

Dogs will generally calm down when being petted by their owner or other family member because when we pet our dogs we are gentle stroking and applying gentle rhythmic pressure to the upper side of the torso (back area). This creates a stimuli to the nervous system resulting in the dog feeling calmer, safe, secure and cared for.

The use of an anti anxiety dog coat simulates gentle petting and has the added benefit of being across the dogs whole upper body at the same time giving your dog the sensation of an all over body hug.

When you should use an Anti Anxiety Dog Coat?

You would use an dog anxiety coat in any situation where your dog become anxious or over excited. They are designed to be easily fitted to your dog and are usually effective immediately.

The most common use is for travel in cars and when storms hit. Many dogs can become extremely distressed when a thunder storm is approaching. Because dog hearing is very acute, they can hear and sense thunderstorms long before their owners do.

Other times you might use a dog anxiety coat is when there are unusual circumstances like when attending a fireworks display or when you take your dog to a place where there is a lot of unusual noise or more people than they are used to.

Some dog owners will even put an anti anxiety coat on their dog for visits to the park if their dog seems nervous in open areas away from home.

Do Dogs like wearing an Anti Anxiety Coat?

Most dogs quiet like wearing an anti anxiety coat because it make them feel calm and warm. In my experience, my dog really likes his anti anxiety coat and will even get it out of the cupboard some evenings and bring it into me to put it on him.

Cautions for using a Dog Anxiety Coat.

Never put the coat on too tightly, it should be comfortable for your dog. If your dog seems to laboring to breath or is not moving freely, the coat is on too tight.

Some dogs will seem a bit too relaxed or floppy the first time you put on the coat, if this happens remove the coat and reapply it a little more loosely.

In extreme heat conditions it would be advisable to only apply the coat for short periods of time and constantly check your dog for signs of over heating.

Supply plenty of water and if your dog is panting a lot then take the coat off periodically to allow your dog to cool down.

How to put the Anti Anxiety Coat on your dog.

See in this short 15 second video to see exactly how to put on a dog anxiety coat.

To see more videos about the great results you can get with the thunder shirt visit our article titled “Thunder Shirt for Dogs“. For more information on other dog anxiety treatments visit Dog Anxiety Treatment page. We hope you have enjoyed our article about the Dog Anxiety Coat.

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  1. I have never heard of a dog anxiety coat so thanks for this post. I love how your dog gets his own coat out of the cupboard, very cute.

    • Thanks Jackie,
      Yes, it is kind of cute – I think he just likes to wear his dog anxiety coat at night, it must relax him.

  2. If I come back to earth after leaving the perch, it will be as a dog at your home. You obviously love the canines like I do. An Anxiety coat is better than drugs !

    • Totally agree Harry,
      I think that some dog owners get so stressed and so desparate that they resort to medicating their dogs before looking at the under lying problem causing the anxiety.

      Even for a quick fix, to manage the immediate problem, a dog anxiety coat is around $40.00 and is far better for your dog than using sedatives.

  3. Interesting article on addressing dog anxiety. Having the dog anxiety coat would give them a great sense of security. What a great idea, being wrapped up in a hug :).

    • It’s a lovely idea, isn’t it – I have had great success with a dog anxiety coat for my dog – I hope this post helps other dog owners and their beloved pooches as well.

  4. Hi Bev,

    Very interesting post. Never heard about dog anxiety coat until I read this article. Luckily my dog doesn’t need one at the moment! Anyway, it is good to know there is dog anxiety coat around and dog will love to wear it!

  5. Thanks for sharing this information as I never hear about dog anxiety coat before.

  6. do you think the coat would still have a calming effect on a dog that don’t like being hugged and cuddled?

    • The Puppy Persuader says:

      Hi Louise,

      The way this dog anxiety coat works by applying the right pressure on all the pressure points on the dog’s body. I don’t know if you are familiar with pressure points, but certain points will evoke discomfort and others will educe calm. That is the way these coat work, by placing the right amount of pressure on the calming points of the dog’s body.

      Hope that helps your question.

  7. I hadnt heard about the dog anxiety coat either but it looks like a wonderful product ill definitely have to try out with my dog who suffers anxiety quite badly
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