Why Do Dogs Guard Vehicles?

Why Do Dogs Guard Vehicles image

Everyone has at least once been in a car park and have walked past a car and got a huge fright when the dog in the nearby car goes absolutely ballistic. It can seem like the dog wants to rip your throat out and after the initial shock passes, you are really glad the dog […]

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Stop Neighbors Dog Barking


How do you stop neighbors dog barking? This is one question that keeps coming up from the readers of my site. If you have been kept awake by a neighbors dog you are definitely not alone. So to paint the picture, imagine this, you have been kept up too many nights in a row listening […]

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Dog Barking Control

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If you have ever had anyone complain about your dog’s barking then this is for you. Dog Barking Control is important to many dog owners and neighbors of dog owners. Imagine, you have had a busy day, you finally get to bed, late, and then at 3.00am you are finally fast asleep. Then you hear […]

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