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Welcome to Dog Anxiety.com Site.

I am a dog lover just like you and I know the joy of having a well behaved dog, and want to help others experience that joy.

Dog Anxiety can change the way you feel about your dog and can have damaging effects not only to your relationship with your dog but can also effect your dog negatively if not treated. Our dog training tips and suggestions can help get rid of dog anxiety for good!

Here is a bit about me, Bev Langford, and yes that’s me in the picture.

From a very young age dogs seemed to be drawn to me and I was able to sense and understand their feelings. This did not go unnoticed from adults who commented about how dogs seemed to be calm and content around me.

From age 5 or 6 I started telling people why their dogs were misbehaving and making suggestions as to how they could get along better with their dogs. I suggested to people how they needed to show their dog guidance and how to gain their dogs respect. Some people might call this animal whispering, however I don’t call myself anything. I think that I have the knack to be in tune with dogs and I believe everyone has this ability – some have it naturally and others can learn easily learn it.

As a young independent adult I always had a dog, the dog I had at 18 was a freakishly big German Shepard – Labrador cross named Jackie. I had Jackie from a small puppy of 6 weeks old. Where ever I went, to the beach, down to the shops – I always gained many complements about my dogs wonderful behavior. People were amazed that Jackie needed no leash and walked at my side, stopping when I stopped and following my every move. She would even sit outside of the supermarket while I did the weekly grocery shopping and would not move until my return. The local people in my community got to know Jackie and would stop to pat her and talk to her.

Before too long my friends began to ask me to train their dogs. I agreed and I learned over time that it was best to take their dogs for about three weeks to socialize with Jackie they soon learned that good behavior was well rewarded. The last week was spent teaching the dog owner how to maintain the new and improved behaviors and teaching the owners the key strategies so they did not slip back into old patterns.

Dogs are essentially pack animals and thrive in a pack mentality. There is a pecking order in dog culture, and you as the dog owner must be the top dog, and your dog needs to be the happy, faithful follower. It is vitally important to teach the dog owner to become the top dog in the pack, to gain the respect of their dog and the rest is pretty easy.

Jack and Daughter

Jack and my Daughter

Although I never asked for any payment for the three weeks training  I provided, I have always thought that it was more than worthwhile. I could help when my friends who were at their wits end and were considering getting rid of their badly behaved dogs. I could not bear the thought of a dog being put down or sent to the pound (which is a death sentence for a badly behaved dog) when the solution was so easy.

My Jackie has gone to doggy heaven now but was a faithful and wonderful companion her whole life. Since Jackie there have been other wonderful dogs in my life all rescued from friends or dog shelters and had been given up on for their bad behaviors. Pictured here is my daughter and our 18 year old border collie, Jack. Jack passed away three days after Christmas 2012, we were all very sad when he decided to leave us, but he was very old and I’m happy that he was not alone in those final moments.

Managing Dog Anxiety issues and successful dog training is not rocket science, anyone can learn what they need to do to have a wonderful and respectful relationship with their dog. However, I always like to keep up with the new thinking and new methods for dog training methods. When searching for the latest information about anxiety in dogs I found so many junky sites – so called “auto blogs” that just published the same information over and over again all over the internet.

Many visitors to this site have asked how they would find out if their dog has anxiety issues. I have answered the call by developing the Dog Anxiety Checklist so you can determine if your dog suffers from dog separation anxiety or merely needs some basic training to cure them of their bad behaviors. To get you free copy of the dog anxiety checklist by clicking here.

What’s coming up on Dog Anxietys.com?

New Book – Stop Dog Anxiety.

There is a new book called “Stop Dog Anxiety” as there have been many requests from visitors to our site to create a resource that can respond to dog anxiety behaviors. It is now available at a very special price for my blog followers and when you choose to buy you also get “Dog Training Made Easy” dog training book and “Dog House Training” absolutely free.

Stop Dog Anxiety Book

Click on the book image to find out how my books can help you train your dog and effectively manage any anxiety issues your dog has, quickly and easily.

Don’t forget to grab your free copy of the “Dog Anxiety Checklist” to see if your dog has anxiety.

I created this site because I wanted to provide a quality site – not the same information – where you can have your questions answered, and if you can not find the answer you were looking for, then please feel free to make suggestions through our Contact Us page.

Again, welcome to our site and thanks for visiting Dog Anxiety About Page!

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