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Dog Travel Anxiety

Imagine you are about to go out but you are dreading getting in the car because today, you need to take your dog. You know from past experience that it's going to be a very … [Read More...]

Dog Bath Anxiety

Have you ever noticed that dogs will go out of their way sit in a puddle, love playing at the beach, run up at full speed and jump in the lake; and don't seem to be scared of water … [Read More...]

Dog Anxiety Medications

Dog anxiety medications can assist in the treatment of chronic separation anxiety symptoms in dogs. A word of caution though, there are  a lot of natural therapies and over the … [Read More...]

Thunder Shirt for Dogs

 When considering buying a thunder shirt for dogs you will want to know how this product can help your dog. So, lets just look at the facts. The thunder shirt brand name suggests … [Read More...]

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Stop neighbors dog barking

Stop Neighbors Dog Barking

How do you stop neighbors dog barking? This is one question that keeps coming up from the readers of my site. If you have been kept awake by a neighbors dog you are definitely not alone. So to paint … [Read More...Find the solution.]

Stop Any Dog Barking the Easy Way with Dog Silencer.

stop dogs barking

Dog Training & Behavior Articles

Why Is My Dog Aggressive To Other Dogs?

Many people ask me why is my dog aggressive to other dogs? Aggressive behavior … [Read More...]

Why Does My Dog Lick My Face?

There is one thing for certain, dogs love to lick. They lick each other, lick … [Read More...]

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Dog Health Articles

Foods that are Poisonous to Dogs

You want the best for your dog, but did you know that giving your dog a treat … [Read More...]

How to Remove Ticks

Ticks are a nasty little arachnid pest that attach to your dog and can be very … [Read More...]

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